JOHN CLOYD MILLER     Appalachian musician, mandolin, guitar, banjo & song

photo by Terry Manier

“John's music reminds me of being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, high on a hill all alone and hearing the sound of the mountains coming from all around and filling your soul with the feeling that everything is just right in that place. His voice is strong and pure and harkens back to a time when there was no need for electronic enhancement and tuning adjustments. In short, John is the real thing and is just incredible.”

- Riley Baugus


Music, Music, Music!  I continue to perform primarily with my wife (and wonderful fiddler), Natalya Weinstein in our duet project, Zoe & Cloyd (our middle names). We just released our second duet album Eyes Brand New in April 2017. Check it out! 

Our 2015 debut, Equinox, was heralded by No Depression Magazine as “one of the essential traditional albums of the year” so we were very proud of that. 

Be sure to check out the Zoe & Cloyd site for updates and performance schedules.

Thanks for visiting!

- John